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Open Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens...

OK guys and gals. The time has come to move one step closer to a possible playoff berth. We've been analyzing each and every scenario for the past week, often times forgetting that we have a huge challenge in front of us in the form of the Baltimore Ravens.  Hopefully the Steelers were more focused on the task at hand than we have been...we're going to need it.

Hang out and leave your comments from today's game here. Let's also keep each other abreast of what's going on in the other critical early games: New England at Jacksonville; Tennessee at Buffalo; and then later Cincinnati at Denver.

It's make or break time baby. Get your terrible towels out and cheer on your Steelers. There may only be two more times to do so this year...let's hope not though.

Go Steelers! Down with the Ravens!