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Pick 'Em Challenge Overall Standings through Week 16

Ok guys and gals. We've reached Week 17. For some teams, playoff fates will be determined this coming Sunday. For others, like the Steelers, there are opportunities to play the role of spoiler. Who knows what's going to happen this final weekend. Good luck picking winners. Week 17 games will be posted tomorrow.

Overall Standings (scores reflect best 12 weeks of picks)

zknower 77
steelerinchiago 76
TheSportsGuru 75
ChrisPokorny 75
schnifin 74
roxtar 72
Scruffy Lefty 72
TexSkins 71
Bounding Muppet 71
Pittslinda 70
draftday 66
Sean Yuille 64
Skin Patrol 66
HinesFiled 56

It's still anybody's game. A perfect week by anybody in the 70s might be enough to take home the $100.

Hope everyone's had fun with the contest. I look forward to seeing who finishes it off this weekend.

GO Steelers! Knock the Bengals out of the playoffs!