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Welcome to Behind the Steel Curtain...

Could there a better time to launch a Steelers blog than days before the Super Bowl?  Well, maybe before the kick-off of this bizarre NFL season, but who's counting.  

We'd like to welcome all of the Steelers Nation(and any of our opponents' fans who wander our way) to Behind the Steel Curtain, a blog created for the rabid fanbase of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The site will be primarily written by two authors, Peter and Michael Bean. What really makes these blogs go, however, is reader participation.  Share your thoughts, write a diary, tell us we're great (or full of shit).  

Peter is on his way to Detroit as I write, and will provide comprehensive Super Bowl coverage once he arrives in the Motor City.  I will do the same from my less festive, but much warmer headquarters here in Austin.  

Obviously, the season is winding down, but the 2006 Draft will follow quickly at its heels.  By the time the Pittsburgh Pirates are mathmatically eliminated in late July/early August, we'll all be eagerly anticipating the Steelers' attempt at a second straight Super Bowl in 2006-2007.