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On the road to Detroit...

Just got word that the I-80 corridor to Detroit is bumper to bumper with Steelers fans.  Everyone knows the Super Bowl crowd consists largely of neutral corporate ticketholders, but this year may be slightly different.  For one, Steelers fans travel better than any team in the league.  Would it surprise anyone if they read a story about a couple who took out a second mortgage on their home to make it to the game?  

How big of a home-field advantage will the Steelers enjoy on Sunday, and what effect will this have on the fluidity of the Seahawks West-Coast offense?  We can expect to see a few Seattle fans there, but they might just be sipping a latte and playing on their Blackberrys.  Steelers fans on the other hand will have the Terrible Towels twirling, and the fact that the game's being played indoors will only add to the noise level.  

If Seattle's offense, which is predicated larlgely on timing and getting explosive jumps off the line-of-scrimmage, gets rattled by the noise, look for the Steelers to jump out to an early 1st quarter lead.  

Go Steelers!  Bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Pittsburgh where it belongs!