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Look out for....

By now, just about every football fan knows about the homecoming story of Jerome Bettis.  We have heard plenty about Mike Holmgren and his return to the Super Bowl without Brett Favre at the helm.  Then there's Big Ben and his improbable winning percentage as a starter, Shaun Alexander and his MVP, and Matt Hasselback finally getting his shot to prove himself on the biggest of stages.

Lost in the mix has been the emergence of Cedrik Wilson in these playoffs.  Even though he caught only three balls in the playoff opener at Cincinnatti, he totaled 103 yards, and broke a big one for a 54 yard touchdown.  With all the attention Hines Ward and Randle El get in the passing game, Wilson's ability to take advantage of single coverage has been instrumental in the Steelers' pass-first game plan this past three weeks.  

Against Denver, Wilson was even better.  The fifth year wideout from TN,caught 5 big balls for 94 yards and another touchdown.  All 5 catches were for first downs, demoralizing a Broncos defense that kept the Steelers' running attack in check.

If the Steelers are to win tomorrow, Big Ben is going to once again need to rely on someone other than Ward and Randle El in the passing game.  

Go Steelers!