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That Greedy God

The Antaawn Randle El Era is officially over. The multi-talented Steeler wide receiver signed a whopping seven year, $31 million deal with the Washington Redskins yesterday, marking the end of his succesful tenure with the Steelers.

Pittsburgh wanted to keep Randle El, but had no intention of offering the free market price for his services. The only way Randle El would have stayed in Pittsburgh is if he had offered the club a hometown discount.

Just a few weeks ago, Randle El had stated that God would be the one that would guide him to the correct decision. Weighing the chance to stay with the team that drafted Randle El and put his talents to best use, versus the chance to play in Chicago where Randle El's family is from, and the chance to make as much money as possible... we learn that God is one greedy S.O.B.

Happy trails, Antaawn.