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Potential Salary Cap Casualties

The following players may find themselves playing in different uniforms next year, or in the case of Tommy Maddox, not playing at all.

  1. Duce Staley is owed more than $3 million next year plus a roster bonus.  Rumor has it that the Steelers aren't willing to fork over that kind of money to a player who has not managed to stay consistently healthy for the past several years.  With Willie Parker emerging as a full-time back this year, the Steelers might opt to spend less on a capable third down back.
  2. Tommy Maddox is only owed $1.1 million in 2006, but even that sum is too high.  Maddox single-handedly gave the Steelers Nation a heart attack this season with his erratic--scratch that--god awful play.  At age 34, he's simply done.  Pittsburgh will certainly find a more suitable upgrade at the backup QB slot.
3)Chukky Okobi is due $2 million in 2006, a somewhat steep figure for a reserve.  Okobi is more valuable than he might appear however, as he's able to play multiple positions along the line.  Before the Steelers OL took its late season form, Okobi stepped in nicely.  Not sure what the Steelers will do on this one.

4) Willie Williams.  Despite being a great locker room-guy, Willaims won't find himself a Steeler in 2006. At age 34, Williams lacks the speed and explosiveness required to play DB in the NFL.  Plus, the Steelers have ample young talent at the position.