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Injury Update

Several additional details about the Ben Roethlisberger's motorcylce crashed have slowly trickled out this afternoon.  

According to police reports, Big Ben crashed his motorcycle on Second Avenue near the 10th Street Bridge.  A  witness told WTAE-TV that Roethlisberger went over his handlebars, hit the windshield of a nearby car and then fell to the ground.

 According to police reports Roethlisberger suffered a broken jaw, broke his left sinus cavity, suffered a 9-inch laceration to the back of his head, lost many teeth and has severe injuries to his knees from hitting the pavement.  

The scariest part of that news is obviously the condition of Big Ben's knees, which were already a slight cause of concern prior to the incident.  

Wow...What a development.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned.