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Hoards of Steelers fans flocked to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh to show support to their injured quarterback.  Fans poured in from all over the Midwest and eastern seaboard to wait in the hospital while Roethlisberger was being treated.

One fan, Nicole Mitchell, drove from Baltimore to set up a make-shift tailgate (grill and lawn chairs included) inside the hospital.  She explained:

"This is something that's tragic for the whole city," Mitchell said. "We're just here for all the people who are praying for Ben right now and can't make it. I want to know for myself that he's alive, and that he's going to come out of this OK. Because he's like family to us. He really is. I'll wait here all night if I have to."


I can see them now, cheering on the hospital staff and surgeons: "Here we go scalpel, Here We Go..."

I love Steelers fans...