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Around the League...

*Realfootball365 announces their preseason rankings.  Guess who they have at #1 and #2? It should be noted that this story came out AFTER the motorcycle accident.    

*Corey Dillon is running his mouth again. Once again, he feels disrespected. Basically, Dillon's upset that the Patriots used their first round draft selection on Minnesota RB Lawrence Maroney.  Big deal.  Dillon's in his 30s, was unproductive last year, and has been fairly injury prone since arriving in New England.  Why in the world would the Pats NOT add some insurance to their running game.  I don't remember Bettis complaining when we signed Duce, Amos, or Willie.  Dillon's a prima-donna malcontent.  Too bad he's not still with the Bengals so we could whoop up on him some more.

*Apparently Vinny Testaverde may not be done afterall.  For some unthinkable reason, the Cleveland Browns are considering adding the geriatric QB.  Check out our colleagues' site, Dawgs by Nature , for more details.

*Ricky Williams made his CFL regular season debut on Saturday.  Ricky compiled 97 yards on 18 carries, and by all accounts, seems to be adjusting just fine to life North of the border.