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Quick Hits...

*The San Diego Chargers head into the 2006 season with Phillip Rivers at quarterback.  The controversial decision not to re-sign Drew Brees will keep Rivers under the microscope all year. The tenure of general manager AJ Smith will be determined by the outcome of going with Rivers. He'll either be rightfully vindicated or be forced to eat plenty of crow, especially if Brees finds a way to turn around the woeful Saints.

*Why in God's name do the Steelers not have cheerleaders?  No big deal really, but still pretty interesting.  I suppose it's a small microcosm of the way Mr. Rooney does business.  I did discover, however, that the Steelers used to have cheerleaders.

*On a similar, note, can you believe someone actually blogs this. Not that I'm complaining. This site? That's another story.

*The author of the highly enjoyable and critically aclaimed book, Freakonomics, has a blog of his own.  In a recent post, he tells a short story about his experiences looking for NFL memoribilia.  For those of you who haven't read the book, I highly reccommend it.