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McNair Traded To Ravens

Former Tennessee Titans signal caller Steve McNair was announced on Thursday as the new quarterback on the Balitmore Ravens.

Because the Titans were so bad last year and posed absolutely no threat at all to the Steelers, I paid little attention to the year McNair had. I do know that he dealt with a myriad nagging injuries, yet still managed to start 14 games. I also know that he was 4-10 in those 14 starts--an unimpressive record no matter how you look at it.

The Ravens, however, are confident that McNair is the missing link to what they believe should be a Super Bowl contending team.

Baltimore head coach Brian Billick had this to say about the arrival of the former co-MVP:

"He is one of the elite quarterbacks in this game. His record speaks for itself," Baltimore coach Brian Billick said of the league's co-MVP in 2003. "Clearly, as our starter going in, Steve is going to add a dimension to this football team that we have not had."

I'm not sure if I'm buying or selling McNair resurrecting his career in Baltimore and making Baltimore contenders in the AFC North. For one thing, I'm not convinced Jamal Lewis is ready to be a dominant force again. Secondly, many are speculating about McNair's 2006 season as if his prior injuries are suddenly no longer a factor. The guy's a warrior and his body has consequently paid the price over the past decade. Unfortunately for him (fortunately for Steelers fans) I see these same problems effecting his performance in 2006.

Opinions on McNair and his effect on the Ravens this coming season?