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Quick Hits....

*I'm sure we're all aware that Big Ben is out of the hospital, planning on hitting the links for charity, and is generally doing just fine, all things considered.  According to Roethlisberger's agent, Ryan Tollner, the QB is "way ahead of schedule in his recovery."

*Football Outsiders has provided Fox Sports with a breakdown of all 32 teams and their QB situation.  The summary ranks all 32 teams' quarterbacks, with the Colt's Peyton Manning obviously occupying the #1 slot.  Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger check in at the #4 slot, with Brady at #2, and Hasselback at #3.  I don't object to Roethlisberger being listed behind Brady and Manning, but I'd argue that Roethlisberger is a better quarterback than Matt Hasselback.  It took years for Hasselback to mature into the quarterback he has been the past several years, while Ben has immediately launched himself into the NFL elite from the very first snap he took his rookie year. Who won the Super Bowl again?

*Again, a few days old, but the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Steelers 1st Round pick, Santonio Holmes, has requested that the charges be dropped .  This does not, in my opinion, vindicate Holmes or give him any sort of additional 'get out of jail free card.'  Holmes has pushed the envelope since being drafted and must remain out of the public eye for quite some time now.  Nevertheless, at least the incident will not provide as big a distraction this season as it might had the case played itself out in the legal system.