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Getting to know you....

Preseason football is still more than a month away, so I thought I'd take a minute to muse on something other than Steelers and NFL news, if only just for fun.  Today's topic?  Pet-peeves.  
Here's 3 of mine, in no particular order.

1) Tangled cords.  How the hell does this happen.  I can't recall the number of times that I've set something down with the cords in order, be it an XBOX, telephone system, or whatever, only to have them be in a jumbled mess when I next want to move them. Do cords tangle themselves while we're not looking? Am I crazy? 2) Texas marketing.  Why does a truck, or a beer, or anything for that matter, need to be 'True to Texas' or 'Made by Texans, For Texans.'  I'm starting to believe that this is a time tested marketing strategy shoved down the throats of Texans by various companies, not a true indicator of how Texans really feel about themselves. Who knows though, maybe Texans really are so crazy and proud that they need to be reminded of their roots while navigating the marketplace.  Regardless, I'm tired of it and I've not even been here for a year. I never heard such things while living in Pennsylvania, California, or Washington D.C. 3) Sean Salisbury, Joe Morgan, and Jay Bilas Might as well throw in something about sports.  Where to start?  I already criticized Salisbury in a previous post, so I'll skip ahead to two of the more overly serious commentators in all of sports-Morgan and Bilas.  I'm an ardent Reds fan so it pains me to despise Morgan so much in the booth, but I have no choice.  He's constantly reminiscing about the Big Red Machine, he never really LISTENS to what Jon Miller is saying, and refuses to ever lighten up and make a joke.  I remember watching him call the HR Derby with Mike Piazza, some other current player, and Chris Berman a few years back.  Piazza and the other big leaguer were shooting the breeze, having a jolly good time, and Morgan refused to partake in the fun.  He even asked Piazza to knock it off essentially so they could get back to commentating and discussing the oh-so-complex and exciting Derby.  Please join us in the 21st century Mr. Morgan.  Bilas?  Wow, what a nerd. It's a good thing he's never on air with someone like Charles Barkely.  I'm afraid of what he'd say to Jay.  I guess he would have needed an NBA career to land such a gig. Maybe someone else in the peanut gallery agrees with me and can elaborate further as to why he's a tool?For the record, I'm not going to make a habit of denegrating people or things on this site too frequently.  Just some good natured fun to kick off a Wednesday.  Make me laugh and tell me a few of your pet peeves.