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The Fourth Quarter

Football Outsiders has an interesting piece on Quarterbacks and Fourth Quarter Comebacks.  The piece analyzes which quarterbacks and coaches have been the most successful (and least successful) at performing during the fourth quarter.  Some thoughts:

*I doubt anybody would be surpirsed to see Coach Cowher's name in the Top 10 Coaches at holding a lead.  Only Dennis Green and Tony Dungy have held onto leads for more wins since 1996.

*Did anybody else notice that Tom Brady has a winning record when his team is down heading into the 4th quarter.  He's 13-8 in such situations, which is pretty remarkable.  It's also remarkable that he's been in so few come-from-behind situations (24) since taking the reins from Bledsoe.  I don't think the Patriots are going to be dominant this year, but man they've been good the past half-decade.

*At the end of the article, the author mentions Roethlisberger as being in the 'significantly good' category for fourth-quarter comebacks. Then again, so is Aaron Brooks. Roeth's yet to have enough opportunities to land himself in the Top 10, but that will change in the forthcoming years.