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Quick Hits...

*The Board of Directors of F.N.B., a financial services corporation, have named Steelers President Art Rooney as a Director of the Corporation.  It's no mystery to Steelers fans that the Rooney family does business in a certain way.  His leadership is why players such as Plaxico are forced to walk, and why Coach Cowher will remain coach of the Steelers for as long as he wants to coach. Apparently, his wisdom and leadership are desired outside of professional football as well.

*Reggie Bush, the former Heisman winner and #2 overall pick of the New Orleans Saints, will most likely be a no-show when camp opens late next week.  According to, Bush was promised by the Saints he would receive #1 pick money at the time of the draft.  There's no evidence that suggests the Saints won't live up to their promise, but you never know, the Saints have an illustrious history of mishandling matters.  Bush's tenure in New Orleans has gotten off to a fine start, unlike that of Santonio Holmes.  He has arrived to all workouts, season ticket sales are at a much healthier level, and his jersey sales have been astounding.  The guy does have an ego though, this much is obvious.  Remember the fuss he made over wearing his college number?  We'll see how this one pans out if the Saints do indeed renege on their promise.

*Geriatric Marv Levy, the longtime coach of the Bills,  has returned to Buffalo, this time as the General Manager.  As far as I can tell, things are no better in Buffalo however. Lost to free agency were DT Sam Adams, S Lawyer Milloy, WR Eric Moulds and OT Mike Williams, all formidable players.  The loss of Moulds is huge in my mind.  He always seemed underrated to me.  Also gone is head coach, Mike Mularkey, the former Steelers offensive coordinator, who retired just one week into Levy's tenure.  The octonegarian replaced Mularkey with Dick Jauron.  I don't know much about the guy, other than he's never really had a chance to prove himself.  He had a short stint with the Bengals when they were still abysmall, and coached a few years under the ridiculously pathetic regime of Lions' CEO Matt Millen.  This is probably the best (and last, if he fails) opportunity for Jauron to make a name for himself as a head coach.