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Pick 'Em Challenge...

Ok after long deliberation about a suitable prize, I still have nothing.  That leaves me no choice but to offer cash :)  I wanted to open the contest up to fans all across the NFL, not just Steelers fans, and this complicated the prize giving.  Would a NYG fan want a ticket to the Steelers Ravens game on December 24th?  I thought Sunday Ticket was a good idea, but I was dumb in assuming that all cable providers offered the package, not just DirectTV.  If we can get other fans from around the league to participate, there will be PLENTY of glory on the line.  In addition, $100 to the winner (approximately the cost of DirectTV for 1/2 a season).  Rules to follow in the forthcoming weeks, but rest assured, no entry fee.  And yes, I will be playing :) although just for the glory part. Don't think of this as a bribe to keep reading either. In the end, the glory of winning will triumph a measley 100 bucks, but I'm the type who likes something on the line, so that's the way it's going be for you guys too. Next year I'll have something more creative at stake but for now, you'll just have to deal with it!

Now that that's out of the way, back to the matter at hand. Training camp just a few hours away!  Plenty of coverage to come leading up to the Steelers first preseason game on August 12th vs. the Cardinals.  Only 16 days 'till we see our first snap of live football for 2006. Can't wait.