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Stadium Tour

So we have at least one more day before practice officially begins in Latrobe and it doesn't appear as if there will be any news about Coach Cowher or 1st Round pick Santonio Holmes. So, to pass the time, I thought I'd share my Top 5 stadiums/arenas.  Before I go any further, let me say that I'm hardly the authority on this subject.  I'm young (which means poor too) and have spent several years in Austin far from any professional teams and stadiums that I'd like to see. So hopefully my list will improve as I get older.

In no particular order:

'Telephone Company de-jour Park', San Francisco, CA.No real explanation should be needed for this choice.  I challenge somebody to find a more beautiful setting in all of America to take in a baseball game.  Sure the tickets are overpriced and hard to come by (at least they were when Bonds was really doing his thing), but if you ever get a chance to go, do so, you won't be disappointed.

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL.I've only been to Soldier Field once, and it was after the remodeling project was completed in 2003. Even though it perhaps lost some of its antiquated 'charm', the architecture of the place is incredible. Add 50,000 rabid Midwesterners and some crisp fall weather and you've got one hell of a setting.  Too bad the Bears suck. The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA. The Rose Bowl is unique in many ways.  The stadium is situated in an old beautiful neighberhood in the hills of Pasadena, and while it can be a major pain in the ass to park, you're guaranteed to have a great time, especially if you get there early to tailgate. There's ample space on and near the adjacent golf course, the weather's always perfect, and there's usually scores and scores of good looking women roaming around. 
The Palestra, Philadelphia, PA.College basketball is king in Philadelphia, and no building represents the city's rich baseketball tradition like the Palestra.  The Palestra, like Cameron Indoor Stadium, is truly one of the unique venues in all of college sports.  It's a throw-back gymnasium that can get awfully loud when at full capacity.  The Palestra has been the site of some the most historic college hoops games ever played, and is still considered by most as one of the more special venues in all of collegiate athletics.Petco Park, San Diego, CA. I wish I could put PNC Park in Pittsburgh here instead of Petco, but I've yet to have an opportunity to check out the Buccos new stadium.  Petco, like PNC, the New Busch Stadium, and AT&T in SF, is situated in a downtown setting.  The views of the city are incredible, the weather's nice, and you're just minutes from some pretty fun stuff in downtown San Diego. Like I said, my list isn't all that impressive.  What's on your list?