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AFC Power Rankings, Draft 1

It?s time for our first stab at ranking the AFC conference teams. This is not our final rankings, but rather a conversation starter for the group. We want your thoughts on who should be ranked where, and why. After we go through a thorough discussion of the teams and their strengths/weaknesses, we?ll reissue a final preseason BTC Power Ranking for the AFC.

BTC Preseason AFC Power Rankings
Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh All the key pieces return. The defense will be improved from the first half of last season.
2. Indianapolis Until the playoffs, anyway.
3. Miami They?re close; real close. Ronnie Brown is about to explode.
4. New England Can the defense improve? The offense is fine.
5. Cincinnati Mounting off-field issues may hinder this group.
6. Denver The window is closing for this particular group. Playing to win now.
7. Baltimore McNair will help this team score. AFC North getting tough.
8. Kansas City Larry Johnson is revolting. I worry about his health, though.
9. Jacksonville Cupcake division masks their deficiencies. Leftwich doesn?t look like a champion to me.
10. San Diego Got rid of the wrong QB. Whoops.
11. Tennessee Vince Young will be the starter by December. Look out.
12. Oakland The defense will improve. The offense has a ways to go.
13. Cleveland Check back in ?07. They?ll be closer then.
14. NY Jets Same for the Jets. 2006 is still rebuilding.
15. Buffalo The worst offense in the AFC, period.
16. Houston Reggie Bush will help. Err? wait, no. What a mess.

What are your thoughts?