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Quick Hits...

*For all of us who were not alive during the glory days of the Steel Curtain, check out this short piece retelling the 1974 AFC Championship game against John Madden's Raiders.

*The Bengals offense is like a Ferari?  According to Cincinnatti offensive coordinator Ken Zampese it is.  The Bengals' O-Coordinator made the comparison while discussing the team's back-up QB plans in the event that Carson Palmer can't go.

*For some unknown reason, Cowboys fans believe Terrell Owens will be a 'new-man'in the Big D.  We've all heard this no?  Proof that Owens is far from reformed?  Look no further than his new book , "T.O", which, according to an NBC affiliate in Philadelphia (who got their hands on a copy of the book), is essentially an extended criticism of former teamate Donoban McNabb.  The guy's got an unfillable chip on his shoulder.  I give him 1.5 seasons TOPS in Dallas before imploding once again.  Bledsoe beware.

*Pittsburgh Post-Gazette transportation reporter, Joe Grata, weighs in on Big Ben's accident .  Grata's opinion matters because of his familiarity with both the infrastructure of Pittsburgh and the prevalence of accidents throughout various parts of town. Maybe this is a case of home-town homerism, but more likely this is just another piece of evidence that Roethlisberger was not acting wrecklessly.