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Schnifin goes camping

Regular contributor schnifin went to camp today and had some thoughts and pictures to share from the day's events.  The content was orginally posted in his diary, but I'm moving it to the main page.  Huge thanks to schnifin for the awesome content:

Went down to Latrobe today and had a great time. I'd definitely recommend it. Traffic and parking was no problem, we got there around 1:30 watched the players come down to the fields and watched until 5.  The heat wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but we were in the shade.

I guess people are probably most interested in Ben.  He came out and signed several autographs before practice but made sure he was only signing for kids. He looked fine, has lost some weight since last year when he was a bit overweight.  He was smiling and laughing the whole practice which was good to see.  The only noticeable thing was that he would always put his baseball hat on as soon as he took of his helmet, I think because of the cut on the back of his head.  He was out there the whole time and they didn't keep him out of any drills or anything. In 11 on 11 drills he was scrambling alot and had a couple nice completions to Heath.

Santonio was out there but not in pads apparently he tweaked his hammy.  He was doing some running and catching just no contact.

Other random thoughts....

Coclough was back with Wilson and Reid fielding punts, he dropped 2 and looked bad doing it.

Nate Washington is a big guy and looked good.

Omar Jacobs is a HUGE guy. He dwarfed Ben and looked pretty decent.

Today was the first time I'd ever seen Heath Miller drop a pass.

Overall its hard to come to many conclusions because the drills and all are not really full speed but it was definitely fun and I'm gonna try to go back again in the next few weeks.

Here's some pics (I'm obviously not a photographer or a webpage designer)