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Camp Report: August 1st.

Other notes from today's session:

*Rookie offensive tackle Willie Colon and linebacker Clark Hagans squared off in what was an otherwise relatively pedestrian day of practice. Colon wasn't happy with Hagans knocking his helmet off and he let his elder know about it.  The two had a few words for each other before Hagans was escorted to another set of drills.  The rookie's making quite a name for himself this preseason, starting with his impressive display of athletic ability in the spring drills.  Who knows how much he'll play this year, but it's good to have another big, competitive body to throw in the mix on the line.

Schnifin, did you catch the scuffle?*As was mentioned earlier, Ricardo Colclough had a rough day fielding punts.  He muffed two.  On a brighter note, Colclough later picked off a Charlie Batch throw.*FB Dan Kreider was back in practice.  Missing in action were Santonio Holmes (hamstring), Mike Kudla (hamstring), Jerame Tuman (illness), and Joey Porter (knee). *The Steelers will be in action tomorrow night at Latrobe High School.  The players and crowds will both enjoy cooler temperatures, as the heat index reached triple digits this afternoon.