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Steelers - Cardinals Preseason Open Thread

Comments here, kids.

As noted by Schnifin, Big Ben -will- start. Bill Cowher told reporters, "You can not simulate the speed of the game on the practice field," and that he thought it important for Ben to be out there with the team.

In other news, Kendall Simmons took snaps under center during practice - the first time he's ever played the position. With Chukky Okobi's recent surgery, and Jeff Harting's aching knees, the Steelers will try to build as much depth as is reasonably possible. At this point, the offensive line looks like the team's greatest question heading into the preseason. Definitely something to watch on Saturday against Arizona.

Meanwhile, Santonio Holmes looks to move past the offseason troubles that defined his summer.

The preseason game will be the first ever played in Arizona's new stadium:

Leave your comments, thoughts, concerns, questions on the game here.