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Quick Hits...

*Matt Leinart has finally signed and reported to camp .  The former Heisman winner signed a 6 year deal worth $50 million dollars, $12 million of which is guaranteed.  With John Navarre as bad as he is, it was imperative that pretty boy Leinart get into camp as soon as possible.  

*Randy Moss is back to his old self .  Most players are happy to ride the pine during a meaningless preseason game.  Moss was ticked off that he didn't play more.  I guess it's hard to criticize a guy who wants to play, but to complain publicly is a no-no.  With Aaron Brooks at the helm, I can't see Randy Moss making enough big plays to keep his ego in line.  Problems are already brewing in Oakland.

*Carson Palmer's return to the football field is turning into a strange soap-opera .  First, Marvin Lewis told the media that the doctors had cleared the Pro Bowler to play and that it would be up to the QB to make the ultimate decision on when he'd return.  Then a few hours later, Palmer said it was up Coach Lewis's decision.  Maybe the issue is being blown out of proportion by the media, but it sure seems as if people aren't on the same page in Cincinatti.

*The San Diego Chargers' return specialist Darren Sproles will miss the entire 2006 season after breaking his fibula in Saturday's 17-3 exhibition win over Green Bay.  The pint-sized speedster was near the top of the NFL in kick returning in 2005.

*The Clevland Browns are going to have some serious problems at the center postion.  First, starter LeCharles Bentley was lost for the season with a torn patellar tendon.  His replacement, Bob Hallen, unexpectedly walked out on the Browns on August 7th.  Now, Alonzo Ephraim has been suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.  For an offense that is undoubtedly going to struggle to put up points, this is another disappointing development.  Not that I feel for them.

*Plaxico Burress is not very good at keeping his mouth shut .  

*All-Pro Steve Smith is back in camp after a 17 day absence.  From the sound of it, he hasn't missed a beat.  With the addition of Keyshawn Johnson, the Panthers believe they have the firepower to make a run towards another Super Bowl appearance in 2006.