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Cry Me A River

Our friend over at StampedeBlue has called out Larry Foote for his response to an Indianapolis coach's comments regarding the Steelers-Colts playoff game.

What's mystifying, though, is that BigBlue whines and moans about Larry Foote talking smack back to the coach, going so far as to call him a cry-baby, but nary a word about the Colts coach's remarks.

Memo to BigBlue: where's the hatorade for your coach that made the chicken-shit cheap remarks that started this mess? Who's the big baby here? The hot-shot player who says, "F that coach. We won."? Or the coach who didn't have the class or sack to step up and say, "They won. They beat us."

This is the same kind of cry-baby whininess that we saw from Matt Leinart when he said that the best team didn't win the Rose Bowl. Whether he thinks that or not, to say it publicly would be disgraceful, if it weren't so comical.

Let's just say this: if a Steeler coach whined about how some team didn't beat the Steelers, I'd shake my head in disgust. And I wouldn't blink when the opponent who beat us smacked back at the coach for being such a whining revisionist.

Pittsburgh not only won that game, they outcoached the Colts and, save for a few fortuitous breaks in the Colts scramble to get back in it, dominated the game. The Steelers came out gunning, marched down the field, put up the points they needed, then protected the lead. They nearly blew that lead, but they won the game, and deservedly so. They whipped the Colts in every facet of the game, and that includes Calls The Officials Choked On.

I'm beginning to think that there's something going on in Indianapolis. Call it the Peyton Manning Syndrome. Does anyone think, with comments like that coming from coaches, and a quarterback that's never won a big game, that this team's winning a Super Bowl anytime soon? The number of Indy folks - players and fans - with inferiority complexes - grows by the day.

Now that's something to cry about.