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More Camp Notes...

*The injured hamstring of Hines Ward is not healing as quickly as he'd like.  Ward injured the hamstring on the last play of the two-minute drill on August 4th, and he expected it to be fine by now.

"I'm frustrated," he said. "I'm doing treatment, working out, rehabbing three times a day. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do, but I'm flying in my people today from Atlanta to come up and see if they can work with it and just go from there. It is frustrating."
Ward's referring to the personal trainers who helped him get in what he felt was the best shape of his life this offseason.  He has tested the hammy out on several occassions only to stop before aggravating it further.
"I don't want to keep aggravating the injury so that it never heals," he said. "I look at Steve Smith. He was out two weeks and a day. Terrell Owens has been out for a long time. I want to be out here competing but it sucks being out here not doing anything."
Ward is the ultimate warrior so I still believe he'll be ready and effective once the season starts, but let's face it, you never quite know with hamstring injuries.  They seem so minor yet they have a way of getting reaggravated just when it seems they're healed.  I like Ward's patience and decision making to not force it.  He knows the offense, is extremely familiar with Big Ben and his tendencies, and is undoubtedly in great shape.  No need to risk something big just for the sake of 'being out there with the guys'.  Needless to say, much of our fate rests in the hands (no pun intended) and health of Hines Ward.*Joey Porter is  back, and it didn't take long for him to start thumping his chest .  Porter's the kind of guy you love if he's on your team, and hate if he's not.