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NFC Preseason Power Rankings, Draft 1

We had some fun with the preseason AFC rankings, but it's time to take an early peek at our lesser sisters over in the NFC. As always, comments, suggestions, questions, belittling are all encouraged.

BTC Preseason NFC Power Rankings
Team Comment
1. Carolina The defense is already there, more depth at WR with Keyshawn. If the run game is legit, they'll win.
2. Seattle I'm a little concerned by the O-Line. The rest looks solid
3. Dallas The NFC East is very, very solid this year. TO will help considerably
4. Washington Portis injury is worrisome. The offense as a whole worries me. Defense is terrific.
5. Tampa Bay Cadillac Williams and, yes, Chris Simms headline an improving offense.
6. New York The defense added depth this offseason, but they're still lacking.
7. Chicago The best of a sorry division. A waste of a strong defense.
8. Philadelphia Addition by subtraction? Philly hopes clearing TO headache helps.
9. St. Louis I like this offense to take a step up this year; the team as a whole isn't enough to make the playoffs.
10. Arizona The talent at the skill positions is impressive. The defense is still regretable.
11. Atlanta Michael Vick isn't improving. That's a problem.
12. New Orleans Brees and Bush will help the offense. The D will lose too many games, though.
13. Minnesota After last season, it can only get better, right?
14. Detroit It's time for Matt Millen to go.
15. Green Bay It's going to be sad watching Favre get thrashed one more season. Retire.
16. San Francisco The young team is building. Another long year for now.