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What to Watch For....

Wow, what a great weekend for sports fans.  There's the PGA Championship, a 5-game set between the Yankees and Red Sox, a critical 3-game series between the Twins and White Sox, and oh yeah, the Steelers second preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings.  Here's a couple things to watch for tomorrow:

* Will the play of the offensive line improve?  After our solid first drive down the field last weekend against the Cardinals, the offense had trouble moving the ball, mostly due to our shoddy play in the trenches.* Can we establish some sort of pass-rush?  I know teams typically don't show their full blitz packages during preseason games, but we've got to find some sort of way to put pressure on the quarterback.  Ultimatly, I'm not concerned about Dick LeBeau and our defense, but it'd be nice to see our D-line get into the backfield a few times tomorrow. * Will Roethlisberger play?  Again, whether or not he plays is of minor consequence, but I'd still like to see him in action for a quarter of football. * Will Willie Reid and Santonio Holmes continue to impress?  Will Nate Washington snap out of the mini-funk he's been in all week and contribute?  * How will the trio of Tyrone Carter, Ryan Clark and Anthony Smith fare tomorrow?  Smith has done his best to include himself in the conversation as to who should start this year.  It's probably not going to happen, but another good performance would confirm that we're stacked at the position and will not miss Chris Hope at all. * Who will step up on special teams?  Can Lee Vickers do a better job as wedge-buster on kick coverage?  Will Mike Barr and Chris Gardocki both do a good job punting the football again?  Who's going to make a play on special teams and perhaps solidify their chances at securing one of the final roster slots? * What am I missing?