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Morning Practice Report

*The case of the dropsies fielding punts seems to be becoming contagious.  The previous couple of days it's been Ricardo Colclough; now it's Santonio Holmes, who misplayed several punts. And by multiple, I mean more than three.  Perhaps we're going to miss Randle-El's sure hands on special team more than we intially thought. only Rookie Willie Reid has shown any sort of consistent aptitude fielding punts.

*Cedrick Wilson missed practice (achilles heel).  So did Mike Kudla (hamstring) and WR Eugene Baker.  Jerame Tuman and Chukky Okobi were back in action this morning.

*Jerome Bettis was awfully effective in the red zone.  In practice this morning, the Steelers were not.  The offensive unit worked inside the 20 during 9 on 7 drills but only scored twice in about 15 minutes.  Not impressive.

*Roethlisberger looked good throwing the ball this morning.  His only obvious miscue was an overthrow to Quicy Morgan that was picked off by Polamalu.

*More on tonight's session later.