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Quick Hits...

*Football Outsiders has ranked the special teams units of all 32 teams .  The Steelers check in at #8, largely due to the reliability of kicker Jeff Reed.

*Jamaal Lewis will miss the rest of the preseason due to a nagging hip injury.  In my mind, the Ravens will once again be mediocre, even with McNair, if Lewis is not healthy and productive.

*The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a nice piece on Duce Staley.  Staley insists that he's slowly but surely getting his timing and 'feel' back after missing so much time in 2005.

*The status of Carson Palmer's knee remains a mystery in Cincinatti.  

*I can only shake my head in amazement at the greed and ego of Broncos WR Ashley Lelie.  The guy's forfeited over $400,000 of salary by stubbornly refusing to report to camp.  To make matters worse, the Broncos don't seem to miss him at all.  Good riddance Ashley.