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Hines Ward Update...

Several of us have been wondering about the status of Hines Ward's injured right hamstring.  Well, we have good and bad news.  The good news is Ward felt good enough to take the practice field today.  Don't worry, that's not the only good news.  While he was out there, Ward practiced well.  He looked strong and fast on his routes and made a highlight play against Ike Taylor for a big gain on an out pattern.  The bad news is Ward had to call it a day after he felt what he called a 'little bite' in his hamstring.  

"It felt pretty good but it started getting fatigued," he said. "I've been doing so much rehab in the last three or four days, I haven't given my hamstring enough time to rest. I felt fine earlier and then it started to stiffen up on me towards the end of practice. They told me to do what I could do, but I felt a little bite. I caught a corner route and felt something after that so I shut it down. We'll see how it feels [Tuesday]."
Also encouraging was the fact that Ward managed to make some plays without truly going 100%.
"I still got open though. I can still get open on one leg, so I'm encouraged."
Ward didn't call it a setback, and was cautiosly optimistic that he'd be able to try again tomorrow.  Let's hope so.