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Setting Lofty Goals

Big Ben came out and said it: "I would love to get more rings than any other quarterback in the history of the league. I'd love to be the greatest to ever play the game. That's an awesome goal."

Awesome indeed, Ben. What's most interesting about the quotes, though, is not the goals themselves, but that Ben was willing to come out and say them. With most young quarterbacks - hell, even with some that have been around a few years - you mostly hear standard-issue crap about "one game at a time," or how they "just go out there and do their best," and other decidely -not- memorable quotes.

This one'll stick with me, that's for sure. And what I love most about it is how much it shows that Big Ben deals with pressure well. That may be the toughest aspect of quarterbacking at the highest level. With so much happening so quickly on an NFL field, the pressure is more than most can handle. Getting into the playoffs, it's more than even some of the game's best can handle.

Ben appears to let it all roll off his shoulders. You won't see this guy devastated by a costly interception. You won't see him flinch when the going gets tough. And you won't see him down for long, even if he's run over by an oncoming car. I don't know that Big Ben's gonna be the best quarterback of all time... but I do know he may just retire the most popular Steeler of all time.

Steelers-Eagles TONIGHT!

Here we go!