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Sad Snips: Cut Day

To elaborate on Mike's note below: the Steelers released eight players today, slimming the roster down to 75, as NFL teams move towards meeting the NFL's deadline of a 53 man roster by 6:00 on Saturday. From the Steelers' official release, we learned that:

"Among the rookies released were safety Zach Baker, kicker Mark Brubaker, offensive tackle Nick Hagemann and offensive guard Grayling Love.

The Steelers also released second-year fullback Doug Easlick and three first-year players, including center/long snapper Kyle Andrews, linebacker Malcolm Postell and wide receiver Isaac West."

As much as the Pittsburgh Steeler football team is a family, it is, at the end of the day, still a business, and a cut throat one at that. It's easy to forget that the average NFL career lasts less than three years.

It'll be interesting to see who makes the final 53 man roster; today's cuts were players who didn't have much chance of sticking to begin with. By Saturday, over 20 more players - some with names we'll easily recognize, will be gone.

More updates as the roster trimming continues.