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Around the League...

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*There are reports out of Houston that RB Dominick Davis may be cut .  Davis had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee in December, and has missed all but the first week of camp with bruising on the same knee.  One of the main justifications I heard as to why the Texans shouldn't have taken Bush was the strong, reliable play of Dominick Davis.  Wrong.  

*I used to live in Philly and have always enjoyed watching RB Brian Westbrook play, but it astonishes me that the Eagles have not done a better job securing a viable insurance option at the RB position.  Westbrook just can't stay healthy enough to carry the ball 20-25 times a game for an entire season.  Westbrook did return to practice yesterday after missing several weeks with a bruised left foot sustained during the Hall of Fame Game against the Oakland Raiders.  Without a healthy Westbrook, the Eagles become overly one-dimensional, passing the ball 35-45 times a game.  

*The Minnesota Vikings are going to have a hard time moving the ball this year .  Don't expect Brad Johnson to replicate the late season sucess he had last year if the running game is not a definitive strong suit for the Vikings.  

*The Green Bay Packers spent a lot of money this offseason on CB Charles Woodson in hopes of shoring up their secondary.  On Monday night against the Bengals, it looked like that investment was a waste .  

*The Titans have indeed signed Kerry Collins to a one year, $2 million dollar deal.  I don't know why the Titans waited this long if they were so unconfident in Billy Volek.  It's going to be hard to get Collins ready in time for the first game of the regular season, so it's conceivable that the Titans start three different quarterbacks by the middle of the season.