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Ryan Clark Gets Antsy...

Free-Agent acquisition Ryan Clark is getting anxious about the ongoing battle for the starting free safety position.  Clark, who joined the Steelers after two seasons in Washington, just wants Coach Cowher to make his decision.

It doesn't have to be that big of a deal where they sit us down or anything like that; just say it, said Clark. It's getting to the point where you just want him to say it. Either way, we're both going to play a lot; we're both going to contribute. But letting us know who the starter is would kind of let us settle into our roles. You just want it to be over.
Clark feels like he should be the guy, perhaps because the Steelers paid decent money to acquire him in the offseason.  Tyrone Carter's no slouch though, and let's not forget the preseason Anthony Smtih is having.  Smith in fact, leads the Steelers this preseason in tackles with 12, has two INTs, one sack, and three pass deflections. His performance certainly has added an extra wrinkle to Cowher's decision.  I'm not sure how this one's going to play out, but I will say this: the Steelers' preseason hasn't been marked by many heated positional battles.  It's good to see at least one legitimate competition brewing, regardless of the outcome. In the end, all will play, and all will contribute.