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Sound Bites...

Check out the comments section in the previous post for a link to last night's session.  Hat tip to steelerinchicago for the good find.  Instead of rehashing what was already reported, I'll instead share a few quotes from our linebackers that I thought were both comical and a positive sign.

*After Verron Haynes was stopped at the goal line, LB James Farrior:

"They had the little back in; Verron, he's the little back, so we weren't too worried about that," said Farrior. "I made the first contact and my boys came in and finished him up."

*After rookie RB Cedric Humes did not attack a running lane agressively, LB Joey Porter (from the sidelines):

"He's scared. He's tip-toeing up to the line."

*After the offensive unit resorted to throwing in the goal-line drills, LB Clark Hagans:

"They had to throw it against us because they knew they couldn't run it in."

I like the swagger of our defense; they're good (especially against the run) and they know it.  I don't like to see Haynes' get labeled the 'small' unintimidating back, but hopefully that'll just make him hungrier.  Good quotes from a good linebacking corps.