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Ben to Start Preseason Opener...

Ben Roethlisberger said Coach Cowher would have to 'hold him back' for him not to start the Steelers' preseason opener on August 12th in Arizona. Roeth was as confident as ever this morning following an impressive display of throwing during yesterday's night session at a high-school stadium in downtown Latrobe.

Ben unquestionably had his best practice of the offseason last night.  He threw the deep ball well, dropping a bomb between Foote and Polamalu into the hands of Quincy Morgan.  He also made several impressive throws on the run and across his body.  I've always thought Ben was at his best on the run.  He's one of the better improvisors I've ever seen and he rarely, if ever, panicks or goes overboard with his risk taking (see Brett Favre).  He's down to 235 lbs this camp, 15 lbs lighter than his playing weight last season.  Perhaps he'll be even more mobile playing at this weight.