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Camp Report: August 3rd

*The offense fired a bunch of blanks on Thursday, as the defense once again found a way to outperform them.  Even though Roethlisberger looked good throwing the ball yesterday, the offense was stuffed by the experienced defensive group in goal-line drills.

*Today, the 1st and 2nd team offensive units lined up against the defense in 2-minute drills.  Both offensive units stunk.  The first team went four plays and out, failing to pick up a single yard or complete one pass.  The second team didn't fare much better.  In four plays, they gained 1 yard.  Granted, drops by Sean Morey and Quincy Morgan didn't help the unit led by Batch.

"It wasn't much of a two-minute drill," Steelers Coach Bill Cowher said. "We had eight plays and didn't complete a pass."

*Ricardo Colclough muffed yet another punt.  I think he's proved his point: he's no good at punt returning.

*Deshea Townsend left practice early with a minor hamstring injury.  Let's hope it stays minor, he's going to have to be a big part of our secondary this year.

*On a more positive note, Brett Keisel continues to excel.  In a previous post, we talked about how he might have a breakout year.  Sure looks like it so far. He even dusted All-Pro Alan Faneca during one-on-one drills. Also performing well on defense was backup LB Arnold Harrison.  Harrison's seen more action this week due to the injury of Joey Porter and has done his best to impress the coaches.  All he did today was pick off a Roethlisberger screen and collect a sack during the two-minute drill.

*I'm starting to really love our defense.*Let's hope our offense makes some progress tomorrow.  Anybody worried yet?