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Around the League...

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*Arizona Cardinals rookie QB Matt Leinart is quickly gaining the confidence of his teamates .  Leinart's completed 19-32 passes for 189 yards and a touchdown.  The team's also scored on 5 of 9 posessions that he's played.  I might add that Leinart also hasn't seen much blitzing, meaning he hasn't taken a hit from a 255 pound LB running at full steam.  Leinart was great with protection in college, and he'll continue to be so in the pros.  Defenses sure get tougher at this level though, and I expect Leinart to have some bigtime struggles adjusting to some of the blitzing schemes in the NFL.

*Steelers rookie WR Santonio Holmes will miss practice today to appear in court for a jury-trial on charges of domestic violence.

*The Philadelphia Eagles recently acquired Donte Stallworth from the New Orleans Saints.  The move basically marked the end of Todd Pinkston's time in Philly, as the team granted Pinkston permission to seek a trade .  Pinkston never impressed me.  He's soft going over the middle, and not really fast enough to beat anybody on the perimeter.  He's also got a history of dropping the long ball in critical moments.  The passing game in Philadelphia should be solid this year.

*Falcons RB Warrick Dunn is gearing up for perhaps an even bigger workload this year .  With the departure of TJ Duckett to the Redskins, Dunn will be asked to assume some of the short-yardage duties. I hope he stays healthy, from all accounts he's a great guy in addition to a really accomplished football player.