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Camp Report: 'Inside Source'

Jim Wexell of claims that he has an undisclosed source within the organization that he goes to for information. This is the guy who said Jacobs may get axed.  I guess we'll take him at his word and trust his source? Here's a sample of some of his Q&A with the source. I'd link directly, but I don't want them on my butt for linking directly to a 'pay' site.  Enjoy.

Wexell:Is Duce Staley slow because he's over the hill?Source:No, he's just rusty.  He hasn't played in awhile. Anyway, we wouldn't cut him.  Who else do we have?Wexell:Cedric Humes?Source: He runs too tall. He's not the inside runner I thought he was. Verron Haynes, on the other hand, is running better than ever. He had microfracture surgery a few years ago and that's tough to overcome, but it looks like Verron has.Wexell:Would the coaches play Nate Washington over Cedrick Wilson? Source:Scouts would. People who value pure talent and potential would. Now, the coaches, that will be a tougher sell. But Washington is a true talent. If not now, it's only a matter of time.Wexell:Willie Colon or Trai Essex? Source: Essex has disappointed. He hasn't taken the next step. His body's sloppy and you have to wonder how much he cares about conditioning.Wexell:What about Shaun Nua? Source:Nua has disappointed me. He hasn't taken the next step. He's not reliable against the run. But don't get me wrong. He's not playing poorly. He just hasn't progressed as much as I'd hoped.Wexell:Who'll get whacked from the secondary?Source:I don't know. I think the last spot is between Chidi [Iwuoma] and Mike Logan. Logan's having a great camp and Chidi's a stud. That'll be a tough call.