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Around the League....

*The Steelers are hoping Najeh Davenport will provide some additional punch to the running game. I'm not that excited about the move quite frankly.  For one, I truly believe Willie Parker will stay healthy this year and have a monster season. I just don't see there being too many opportunities for a newcomer, especially if Verron Haynes has a more expanded role than he did against the Dolphins. Another big body can't hurt, but I don't conceptualize this move as one that necessarily makes us better.

*Wow, what a mess in Oakland. I didn't think last night's beatdown by the Chargers could get any worse, but disgruntled WR Joey Porter, who was inactive for the game but on the sidelines in street clothes, was seen laughing on the sideline as QB Aaron Brooks got sacked for the 7th time.  I expect a meltdown of unprecedented proportions for Oakland this year.

*Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan, insists there is no quarterback controversy in Denver. I believe him for now, but if Plummer continues to turn the ball over at an unacceptable rate, maybe Cutler will get the nod.

*Part of Tampa Bay's ineptitude against the Ravens was the nagging back spasms of star RB Cadillac Williams. Cadillac will again start in week 2 against the Falcons in a game that the Bucs need to win to avoid a difficult 0-2 start.