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AFC Power Rankings: Week 1

Here are BTSC's AFC Week 1 Power Rankings.

BTC AFC Power Rankings, Week 1
Team Comment
1. Pittsburgh Batch filled in admirably in Week 1. Now it's Ben's turn.
2. Indianapolis Indy had trouble running the ball against the Giants, but that didn't stop Peyton from having a big day.
3. Baltimore How can you not put them near the top after that performance? Let's see if they can follow it up.
4. Cincinnatti Carson Palmer looked fine against the Chiefs. The defense needs to continue to improve if this team wants to make a run.
5. New England The Patriots looked sloppy against the Bills. Who's Brady going to throw to now that Branch has departed?
6. Jacksonville An opportunistic defense and a poised Leftwich were enough against the Cowboys. Next up? Monday Night Football against the Steelers.
7. San Diego LT + swarming defense = playoff contender.
8. Denver Broncos fans are already calling for Jay Cutler. Not going to happen. This team will get hot at some point.
9. Miami Despite a loss in Week 1, this is a dangerous football team. Ronnie Brown needs to get it going though.
10. Kansas City Trent Green?s out. Tony Gonzales isn?t getting any younger. Larry Johnson better do his best Superman impersonation.
11. New York Jets Chad Pennington gives this team a chance to stay in close games. Still a few years away though.
12. Bufallo The Bills missed a golden opportunity to get in the Win column. Not sure how many more chances they'll have on the road.
13. Cleveland Defense got run all over by the Saints. Same offensive woes. Check back next year.
14. Tennessee The Kerry Collins days are already numbered.
15. Houston The defense got shredded and the offensive line is still a mess.
16. Oakland This is a bad football team, any way you carve it up.