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Week 2 of the NFL: To Watch or Not to Watch....

I've compiled a thoroughly scientific metric of what games to watch on a 1-to-5 scale.  1 means don't even bother, catch up on some chores or a nap.  5 means drop everything you're doing and watch, even if Jessica Alba is standing naked in your abode.

Houston at Indianapolis: Peyton and the Colts against the Texans at home?  Yawn.  The Texans would be better off resting up for Week 3. Grade: 1

New Orleans at Green Bay : You may want to take a gander at this one just to see how low the Packers really can go in 2006. Grade: 2

Oakland at Baltimore : The Raiders season should be entertainingly bad.  Last week it was 7 sacks, 0 pts, and a laughing Jerry Porter on the sidelines.  This week?  Who knows. Grade: 3

New York Giants at Philadelphia : The Giants try to avoid an 0-2 start this weekend in Philadelphia. The Eagles are trying to officially forget about last year with a statement win at home. Grade: 4

St. Louis at San Francisco : Why did I even bother mentioning this game.  Next? Grade: 1

Kansas City at Denver : Two rivals meet with a whole lot at stake. The loser finds themselves in a big hole the rest of the way in. Grade: 3

Washington at Dallas : Again, two rivals meet, both looking for their first W. I'm expecting big things from my Fantasy defense, the Redskins, against Drew Bledsoe. This one should still be close. Grade: 4

Steelers at Jaguars: Steelers on Monday Night Football or Jessica Alba?  Shit, I hate choices like this. Jessica, can you come back in a few hours? Guess not, I'll take the Steelers this time. Grade: 5

What games are you most interested in this weekend (besides the Steelers)?

Thanks for indulging me, a comprehensive and far more serious preview to come this evening.