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AFC Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 2 is behind us. Let's take a look at the latest installment of the AFC Power Rankings.

BTSC AFC Power Rankings, Week 2
Team Comment
1. Indianapolis You know you?re good when you throw for 400 yards and nobody notices. Finally a real test this week against the Jags.
2. Baltimore The defense followed up their shutout in Week 1 with an equally impressive encore on Sunday.
3. Jacksonville Beating the defending Super Bowl champs puts the Jaguars in the top 3.
4. Cincinnati Rudi Johnson got going in Week 2. The defense only gave up 3 pts until the fourth quarter.
5. San Diego The NFL?s #1 rush defense last year looks even better this year. Whether Rivers is far enough along to lead them deep in the playoffs is yet to be determined.
6. New England The Patriots survived a late charge from Pennington and the Jets to improve to 2-0. I?m still not convinced they have the artillery to win the AFC though.
7. Pittsburgh The Steelers can find their way back into the top 5 with a statement win at home against the divisional rival Bengals.
8. Denver The Broncos defense carried the team to victory against the Chiefs. When will the offense get going?
9. Bufallo The Bills went on the road and shutdown Miami. Has J.P Lohsman really covered the spread in back-to-back road games?!?
10. New York Jets The Jets proved why they?re a year or two away on Sunday. They fought back admirably, but were overmatched against the Patriots, even at home.
11. Kansas City Coach Edwards has the defense playing tough, but the offense has yet to do anything.
12. Cleveland The Brownies are going to have a hard time in the uber-tough AFC North.
13. Miami A late, garbage-time TD was all Culpepper and the Fins could muster up at home against the Bills? Yikes.
14. Houston The defense got thrashed by Peyton and the Colts. On the bright side, David Carr looked great throwing the ball.
15. Tennessee Kerry Collins finished the first half with 0 first downs. How does that happen?
16. Oakland It still may not be too late to liquidate all your assets to bet against the Raiders. They?re that bad folks.