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Quick Hits...

*Oh boy, things are really bad in Oakland. How bad? They're giving Tommy Maddox a look at QB .

*This preaseason, we talked about how the Ravens chances were directly correlated to the health and success of RB Jamal Lewis. So far, so good for Lewis and the Ravens, who are preparing for a divionsal game with the Cleveland Browns. Lewis has had several memorable days against the Cleveland, including this record setting day in 2003 .

*There's too many injuries around the league to list. If you want to see who's in and who's out for this week, check it out here .

*Remember the Barret Brooks incident during training camp? Turns out, he was telling the truth when he said he did not intentionally elude the police. Barret was cleared of the charges .

*The ageless one, Morton Anderson, is back in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons. Anderson will kick the FGs from 40 yards and in beginning Monday night against the team he first kicked for in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints.