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Week 3: Stock Up-Stock Down

Time for our weekly installment of `Stock Up-Stock Down':

Stock-Up: Denver Broncos

Panic inexplicably set in after Denver's Week 1 loss to the St. Louis Rams. Two short weeks later, everything's fine and dandy in the Mile High City. The Broncos beat divisional rival Kansas City, then went on the road and held New England's offense to a single TD. The Broncos are still the team to beat in the AFC West.

Stock-Down: New York Giants

Forget about the late barrage of scoring orchestrated by Eli Manning. The Giants got absolutely annihilated by the Seahawks yesterday. 42-3 heading into the 4th quarter, that's bad. The Giants were the talk of the town after their impressive comeback victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 2, but let's face it, this is a team that was dangerously close to being 0-3. They got beat by the Colts at home, got somewhat lucky against Philly, and got thrashed again in Week 3. To make matters worse, Jeremy Shockey publicly criticized head coach Tom Coughlin after the game. Tension is definitely building in the Big Apple.

Stock-Up: Washington Redskins

I'm not sure if a team deserves to be on this list by merit of beating up on the Houston Texans, but the resurgence of the Redskins offense yesterday lands them on the list nonetheless. Most importantly for the Hogs was the impressive day had by the running game. The Skins outrushed the lowly Texans 234 to 61. You wouldn't think Brunell would have had much of a day based on those rushing totals, but he too had a monster performance, completing a lusty 24-of-27 for 261 yards and 1 TD.

Stock-Down: Arizona Cardinals

We hear the same thing every year about how `this is the year' the Cardinals are ready to compete for a playoff berth. Well, news flash: you don't get to the playoffs by losing to teams like St. Louis at home. Kurt Warner was his typical frustrating self of late, mixing in great throws with horrible decisions. When you get close to 100 yards from Edgerin James and hold your opponent to just 63 yards on the ground and STILL lose, you know you're not ready to take the next step forward and finish games.