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Pick 'Em Challenge...

The Behind the Steel Curtain Pick 'Em Challenge is one short day away from beginning.  Ok, here are the rules as I think they should be.  Mind you, I'm open to suggestions so long as they come in before noon tomorrow.  

1)We will pick the winners of all games each week, including Monday Night Football.  On weeks where there is Thursday football, picks must be submitted by midnight the day before the game.  

2)On normal weeks, picks must be submitted by 5 pm EST in order to be counted.  Sorry, I'm not going to spend too much of my weekend scrambling to make sure I have everyone's picks.  5 pm Friday.

3)We will be picking winners straight-up, not picking Against The Spread.  Lines change too much and are not offered uniformly at all sports books.  Let's keep this simple as well as fun.

4)1 pt will be rewarded for every correct pick.  In the strange event of a tie, you will be awarded with 1/2 pt.  

5)Because I expect more and more people to show up at BTSC as the season gets underway, I want those potential readers to be able to participate as well.  I've had a hard time thinking of the best way to do this, but I think we should count the best 12 weeks of the season.  So, if you have 4 weeks where you're only 3-13 or 2-14 for example, you can discard those weeks and use the other 12 for your aggregate score.  Those that miss weeks will have them counted as 0-16.  They can discard up to 4 of those no-shows, but upon the 5th, it will be counted as an 0-16. That way we can at least include those that show up in the next month.  For all of you who start from week 1, you have an advantage, but that comes with the territory of being so cool I suppose :)

6)Submit picks each week to each week.

7)Tell your friends!

8)The Winner gets $100 cash!

Questions?  Let them be known immediately so we can all get on the same page and put the rules in a permanent diary for all to reference when necessary.