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Pick 'Em Challenge Rules Update...

We already have our first entrant to the 2006 BTSC Pick 'Em Challenge.  There's a few changes to the rules.  

*Most importantly, we will be picking 10 games a week, not 16.  Some weeks have fewer games than others, but all weeks have at least 10 games. That way we all have the same number of total games at the end of the season (remember, you can drop your four worst weeks).  Make sense?

*Also, please include in your email your accountname on Behind the Steel Curtain.  I will be posting weekly results and updates and would like to do so by screen name.  That means if your friends to play, let them know to sign up and remind them it (literally) takes 10 seconds to do so.

*Picks for Week 1 are due by tomorrow at 5pm Eastern Time.

*Finally, I will be posting the 10 games we will be picking a bit later tonight.  

This should be fun...Go Steelers!