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Gameday Baby!

The moment we've been waiting for the past 214 days!  Steelers football!  Sorry about the lack of content since yesterday afternoon.  I've been trying to get this Pick 'Em Challenge going and it's taken a bit more of my time than I originally thought.  

I don't think I'll be able to get to the rest of my roster comparison, but refer back to this post if you have not yet read a preview of our game against the Dolphins tonight.  I believe our defense is going to be the difference maker tonight.  Miami's got enough talent to beat us on the road considering our injury situation, but I think home field advantage and a swarming, blitzing defense are going to be just enough for us to escape.

I'm sticking with my initial prediction: Steelers by a FG, 20-17.

What are everyone's plans for the game tonight?  Anyone going? I'm not sure about the particulars, but SteelersFan has informed me that a Pittsburgh native who blogs the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, will be attending the game and will provide his insights on the game and experience for us to enjoy.