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It's been a fun day at Behind the Steel Curtain.  Thanks and good luck to everyone who made their picks for Week 1 of the Pick 'Em Challenge.  Thanks to all for their comments and predictions about the game.

Tomorrow I'll begin to breakdown tonight's impressive 28-17 win over the Dolphins, as well as take a look at some of the more intruiging matchups around the NFL this Sunday and Monday.

Lots of positives from tonight: Willie Parker, HINES WARD!, our run defense, the big turnovers from superstars Joey and Troy, Charlie Batch, the few penalties, Heath Miller...Plenty to work on (ahem, paging special teams kick coverage), but we've got to feel good about our performance tonight! Who was tonight's MVP in your mind?

Next up? At Jacksonville.  I hate the Jags.  2-0 in 11 more days!  GO STEELERS!